Frank Elsten

Bass Guitar & Vocals

Frank as the "Gust"

Some time ago, at the age of 16, I started playing the bass in a quartet on “den Horendonk” in Essen. After many years of fun and jokes I joined the trio “Libell” what after a few years expanded with Emiele the lead guitarist and a keyboardist.7 years went by, and me and Emiele joined a 5 man group called “Bonus”.
Not long after that we were asked to join “Country Fair” where we guided artists such as Father Abraham, Corrie and Albert West. But yeah, one thing leads to another, and I ended up joining “La Mouche”

where I had a nice and a busy musical time.
After 8 years I joined a trio called “Trendline” from Tilburg what changed into a 2 man band for parties.
Now me and Emiele Martens have a country band as a hobby. I love to make music, that’s why I also joined another band with professional musicians called “The Carol Lyne Band”.
I’m really proud of my Ampeg B25b amplifier from 1969 and my Fender Precision from 1982 which plays flexible.

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