Arno Snepvangers

Drums & Vocals

Arno as the "Hammer"

It started very early.  I think I started to walk when I used my parernts kitchen tools to beat on.  After so lang beating and breaking the kitchen tools and buckets my parents thought it was enough. So no need for me to explaine where the nickname “Hammer” came from.  The word “Hammer” says it all.
I started playing the drums when I was 14 years old. My parents bought me my first drumkit and I had some private lessons by the famous drummer “Piërre Mous” for several years. I played the drums in a band called “Part-time” for the fist time at the age of 17.  Most members from the band where friends from school. Our band excisted 10 years.
After “Part-time” I played also in other bands such as “X-Cept” and “The Boar’s Head House band”.  I was also available for every band who needed a drummer. Now I find myself in a nice band that excists of very entertaining and good musicians.

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