Marco Verduijn

Solo Guitar & Vocals

Marco as the "Teleman"

At the age of 12 I started playing the acoustic guitar. After that also on a white imitation Telecaster. Then the thunder began… Neighbours yelling: “Put the volume down!”. (Hell no!)
Throughout the years I’ve played a lot of different music styles and I still love to make more new developments and discoveries about music and techniques. Especially what the power of the tone and a good sound concerns. After a night of rehearsing/performing I’m fully regenerated and ready for another week of work.
I have a lot of stage-exeperience so I don’t have any stage fright. Though I like to stand close at the escape door… in connention with groupies.  My influences are: Outlaws, Eagles, Clapton, Brent Mason, Mark Knopfler,… and many more.


– Strings: ernie ball m-steel 0.10 on a 52 Fender Telecaster, blackguard PUPS,  fully shielded
– Amp: Fender hot rod deville 212 III modified

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